pass the baton and loftwork

When global creativity meets "NEW RECYCLE",
the possibilities are endless

For the first ingredient, you have the unique ideas given life
by creators around the world every day.
For the second, you have " NEW RECYCLE ”,
the campaign by ' PASS THE BATON ’ to recycle existing
objects as more desirable products.
Could mixing these two together spark the creation of
something never before seen?
This idea has inspired ' PASS THE BATON ’
and creator network to combine their
respective insights and connections.
What can " 10,000 creators " and " NEW RECYCLE ” achieve together?
This is the start of a new challenge.
More detail
PASS THE BATON is a modern specialty recycle shop. Under its NEW RECYCLE concept, PASS THE BATON sells mementos and difficult to part with, once loved but now unused items to someone new who will make good use of the item, along with a photo and profile of the original owner and story about the object.
Until now, recycle shops have only sold either high quality or low cost products. PASS THE BATON is a new and unique recycle shop that deals in items selected through personal taste and items that reflect the nature of the people who have used them.
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phb23 is an open online platform connecting 16,000 creators with people seeking creatives. Loftwork has gathered ideas from creators both in Japan and overseas and undertaken cooperative projects concerning issues faced by regions and businesses.
One example is the Roooots Specialty Products Redesign Project, a collaboration with an international arts festival using packaging design to promote regional revitalization.
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how to join

For creators

At "10,000 creators meet PASS THE BATON,"
we're looking for ideas using B grade and dead stock items
to create appealing and unique product designs in four different themes.

If your idea is selected, PASS THE BATON and our art directors will work together
to brush up your creation and make it into merchandise aiming to release it for sale.
What's more, a debut exhibition event will be held for those creations chosen to be made into merchandise.



How to participate

Check the projects currently taking applications for
creations below and submit your design plan.
(The portfolio function will be used as our submission system.)

Theme of Wanted

  • [Closed]Design a new gift using Akasaka Kakiyama's irregular okaki crackers and deadstock tin 10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON vol.1
  • [Closed]Seeking new product idea using blue bottles from UK organic cosmetic line 10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON vol.2
  • Seeking design ideas for a new product that uses rakuda cloth 10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON vol.3
  • Design ideas for products made using leftover material from the frames of JINS eyeglasses 10,000 Creators Meet PASS THE BATON vol.4

Recruiting for the recycle theme

Besides the above themes, if you'd like to try creating a secondhand
product using recyclable materials
and B grade products around you, please inquire below.

For businesses

If you'd like to work with creators to transform irregular items
or dead stock into unique products ,
don't hesitate to let us know !
Contact us